Dreams and Hope for the Children” is focused on networking resources together for our youth of all ages. This includes foster youth, high risk youth, high school, and charter students. We reach out to our youth through the following:


* Motivational seminars to empower youth                                                                  

* Educational Seminars for Parents/Youth

* Community Service/Volunteer/Youth Advocacy & Outreach                                    

* You’re Not Alone Hot Line - TBD

* A collaboration with Social Workers, Teachers, Law Enforcement, and Local organizations



Our Vision is that all youth may know who they are in Christ and embrace all possibilities for their lives; through empowerment and encouragement that they may gain confidence and know they have a “Choice,” for their future.


Academy Missing Link - Parent Child

Empowerment Guide to Successful Living -

Covering the 7 powerful areas which includes:

* Financial Literacy

* Education College Preparation

* Health

* Relationships

* Career

* Family

* Self-Expression

* Spirituality


Educational, POM - Parents on a Mission Gang Prevention Program - Richard Ramos