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I grew up in a small town outside of Fresno, always with a dream to help others. I started at the age of 18 serving youth in the community through sports programs as a mentor and coach. I soon found my passion to see youth excel beyond their minds limitations all by believing in them. I found the more you encouraged youth the better they performed in academics and athletics. I began my major in Criminology with the goal to become a probation officer for Juveniles.  My hopes at the time was to reach out to as many kids as possible and help make a difference in their lives through positive reinforcement.  Soon after that I became a single mother with a little boy depending on me to make a difference in his life. My oldest Jaccob Anthony Lopez soon became my driving force to succeed.  Having to support him financially I found myself in corporate management and quickly moved through the ranks into upper management. Although, the desire to help youth was still in my heart. I began community outreach and ministry looking to give hope to the broken children of our community. While giving hope to my baby boy whom his father had left I knew how important encouragement and support would be to raise a champions mind set. I began to see how Jaccob began to excel in academics and athletics all through encouragement and believing in him. I wanted to share this love with children of broken homes. I began to dream of the opportunity to have a foundation place where youth could feel at home regardless of where their back ground had brought them. I wanted children to know they could dream and have hope for their future. Where believing and empowering them would be their driving force to become something greater than they could ever imagine. I began to ask God for grace and to open doors. After 15 years of the dream and vision in my heart I began to move. In 2010 “Dreams and Hope for the Children” became reality on paper. In 2011 we began to form the foundation and in 2012 we became official 501c Dreams and Hope for the Children. These last few years we have been laying down the foundation to building the foundation on solid stone and scripture. I believe all my life experiences have led me to this place to lead with love. I bring strength through God for the foundation. Currently I’m a Real-estate Mortgage Professional, for the last 10years I have been able to make connections in the community to help our youth through sponsorships for their needs.  I remarried and I am supported by my wonderful Husband Horacio and 3 of our beautiful children. Two extremely talented boys, Jaccob 17 and Aaron 10 and our beautiful daughter Aleyah 19 months. I foresee great things for “Dreams and Hope for the Children” and will do everything in my power through God wisdom and strength to make a difference with all of your help in many young people’s lives.  “A Child’s Success is a helping hand Away

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